Which One Do You Need? A Driving School Insurance or a Driving Instructor Insurance

If you are thinking of opening a driving school, you need to think about insurance, too.  There are two very important insurance policies that you must not overlook:

  • The first one is driving school insurance. The driving school insurance is all about your driving school business and covers many business-related risks.
  • The second one is Driving instructor insurance. The Driving instructor insurance focuses on protecting your driving instructors against any eventualities that may happen while the driving instructor is doing the job.

Both the driving school insurance and the Driving instructor insurance are very important to your driving school business.  However, before you start looking for cheap driving instructor insurance and driving school insurance you should attempt to understand these insurances first. Get best details about it on www.total-insurance.co.uk.


A Few Basic Info About Driving School Insurance

As a driving school business owner, you must earmark a budget for a driving school insurance.  A driving school insurance is intended to protect your school and the assets of your driving school.  The right driving school insurance should be able to cover damage and liability for your fleet of vehicles and liability for your business premises.  Be sure to check with the driving school insurance broker about the umbrella driving school insurance policy.  The umbrella policy would be a good addition if you driving school operates at least five vehicles.

Some Basic Facts About Driving Instructor Insurance

Because your business is a driving school, naturally, you have driving instructor under your employ.  A Driving instructor insurance is not the same as a standard motor car insurance.  Hence, you should be very careful when reviewing a Driving instructor insurance policy.

A Driving instructor insurance policy should cover any driver, a replacement vehicle cover and a negligent tuition cover.  Driving Off Road coverage and driving other cars are two important features of the Driving instructor insurance that you should investigate.